Your Farmers

Christian and Kayla! 

We became friends the summer we started cooking together and talking about good food. We’ve been talking about food ever since. Slowly, talking turned to action. We both worked on organic farms; one on the Minnesota/North Dakota border and another on the Minnesota/Wisconsin. Christian baked and cooked professionally. Kayla traveled to Brazil to study alternative agriculture as part of her Environmental Studies degree. After graduating, Kayla from the University of Minnesota, Morris and Christian from Concordia Moorhead, we decided to work on a farm together. We fell in love with every single thing we grew. Though we grew up in cities we knew that we belonged on a farm.

Kayla’s great grandparents and grandparents lived in adjacent houses on the land they farmed. After her grandpa shut down his large egg laying operation he had more time to devote to his large garden. He mentored people who needed places to garden, shared food with neighbors, and brought extra produce to food shelves. We aim to carry on his legacy by gardening where he gardened and sharing our food and passion. Our name comes from the boys at the beet plant; everybody called him Chuck.

We believe food can be fresh, nutritious and reasonably priced without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. With hard work and a little ingenuity we grow a diverse mix of vegetables without the use of fossil fuels. We are committed to treating the land and our customers with respect and care.